Santa Maria

The 9th May, I completed successfully the delivery of the Santa Maria. After many adventures, she is now there, sitting at home !

I bought the kit (Artesania Latina) in September 2008, it took me only 11 years to make it… better late than never.

Santa Maria

Summer time

In early June, I bought some geraniums… Sun, water and care on a regular basis. Here is the result :

Beautiful geraniums on the balcony

Spring season

I really enjoyed this day off on Friday, a lot of sun with few clouds and temperatures between 20 and 30°C. I went outside for a bit of shopping and decided to buy some flowers to redecorate my balcony for a colourful sight on the street. Patience and care will pay off, my tiny geranium will grow !

High expectations for tiny geranium !